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Welcome to Luxe Leche - where your breastfeeding journey transforms into a truly luxurious experience. Our name, Luxe Leche, translates to "luxurious milk," reflecting the elevated support and care we aspire to offer throughout your breastfeeding adventure.

Meet Lauren W., the heart and soul behind Luxe Leche. From her early years, Lauren harbored a passion for assisting moms with their little ones. This fervor took root and blossomed when she became a mother herself, realizing firsthand the challenges that breastfeeding can present. Lauren's journey was enriched by the guidance of supportive lactation consultants, a transformative experience that fueled her commitment to empower other mothers.

With nearly a decade spent at the bedside of the country's busiest laboring hospital, Lauren's wealth of experience has crystallized into a profound understanding of the unique needs of mothers. Fueled by the desire to offer a more personalized and intimate lactation experience, Luxe Leche was born.

At Luxe Leche, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide compassionate and knowledgeable care to you and your family at every step of your breastfeeding journey. Whether you're embarking on this adventure for the first time or navigating it with a growing family, Luxe Leche is here to make your experience not only manageable but truly luxurious.

We invite you to explore the comforting embrace of Luxe Leche – where support, expertise, and compassion converge to elevate your breastfeeding journey into something truly extraordinary.

offered services

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A La Carte

  • Pricing based on preferred services selected by client
  • Single in home consult (2 Hours)- $ + travel fee (if more than 15 miles from starting location)

Prenatal Package (up to 2 hours)

  • Breast/nipple assessment with education
  • measurement for proper breast pump flange fit
  • “What to expect” education course for first days in hospital after birth including Q&A session
  • Demonstration and education of patients personal pump
  • Sessions are in home

Welcome home package

  • Focuses on latching, positioning, pumping, weighted feeds and more.
  • Up to two 2 hour in home sessions in the first 30 days of life postpartum.
  • Exclusive access to Lauren via text, calls, or Facetime during the first 30 days of life
  • Assitance with nipple care and engorgement

Why choose an ibclc

Breastfeeding can be difficult, mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes a lactation consultant's best quality is being a source of emotional support and encouragement. The first few weeks of your baby's life are the most important time for establishing breastfeeding. as Your lactation consultant, i will work with you and your baby to increase your chances of having a long and successful breastfeeding experience.

although friends, family, midwives and OBGYN’s can assist with breastfeeding, an IBCLC [international board certified breastfeeding consultant] has extensive training to fulfill your needs with:

  • 90 hours of education covering breastfeeding, anatomy, nutrition and more.
  • 1,000 hours of lactation-specific clinical experience.
  • A rigorous exam.
  • Continuing education hours each year.
  • Recertification every five years.


Why do I need lactation??


Research shows that more than eighty percent of U.S. mothers breastfeed their newborns, but fewer than a third will continue to breastfeed for the recommended 6 months to 1 year as many women give up on breastfeeding within the first month.

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What we help with

  • Breast engorgement
  • Plugged ducts or breast infections like mastitis
  • Sore, cracked or painful nipples.
  • Milk supply concerns
  • Struggling with nursing positions.
  • Issues with latching,or suckling
  • Your baby isn't gaining weight.
  • Pumping either once you return to work or for bottle feeding with breastmilk.
  • Your baby refusing the breast.

What to expect

  • How to increase or maintain your milk supply.
  • Recognizing your baby's hunger cues.
  • Determining a feeding schedule.
  • Making sure your baby is latched properly.
  • Treatment for sore or cracked nipples.
  • Treatment for breast engorgement.
  • Finding the best breastfeeding position for you and your baby.
  • Making sure your baby is gaining weight.
  • Using your breast pump to express breastmilk.

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